Hey New Nookie Baes, 


If you are confused on were to start, this is the perfect kit for you. The Nookie Cleanser, Nookie Glaze and Nookie Balancers are the hottest trio around! BV will be defeated!



Nookie Cleanser:


Size: 7oz/210mL

Your Nookie Hygiene is getting a PHRESH, new start ! Our foaming wash is hand-crafted and made specifically to gently cleanse and soothe. ALL of our products are herbally infused and made with the most pure ingredients. We start by extracting the oils from herbs to create our base herbal oil. Add that the our pink nookie base, and you've got the Nookie Cleanser.


Our products never contain any added fillers or bacteria causing oils. This product is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, which keeps yeast and bacteria away.


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.


Ingredients: Pink Cookie Base, Castile Soap, Pink Nookie Herbal Mix 



Pump desired amount of our Nookie Cleanser into your hand.

Apply to vulva with a loofa or cloth.

Rinse well.



Nookie Glaze:


Size: 2.6 / 50mL


Description:  If put it on em make em wanna marry me was a product! Our Nookie Glaze is the oil your Nookie Hygiene Routine was missing. It is suitable for women of all ages. Our Nookie Glaze is made from food-grade plant essential oils to enhance the smoothness and the pleasure of your sexual life. There are no added perfumes or artificial fragrance. The light pHresh scent lasts throughout the day. The combination of oils in our Nookie Glaze are known to relieve yeast, BV and odor.


Using this oil helps to keep the vagina moisturized and smelling great. It helps restore the pH of the vagina and is a great support for a healthy lib